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Hands and Feet


The Spa on Main
Manicure ~ $35*

French Nail Polish ~ $40
Nail Polish Change ~ $20
Nail Polish Change French – $25

* Add Deep Hydration Mask to this manicure ~ $15
*men receive oil or clear coat

Shellac Manicures

The Spa on Main
Shellac™ Manicure ~ $55

Shellac™ Manicure French ~ $60
Shellac™ polish only ~ $30
Shellac™ polish French only ~ $35
Shellac™ Removal ~ $10

We only apply and remove
CND SHELLAC™ Brand polish. We cannot remove other establishment’s products. We do not remove or apply SHELLAC for toes.
THANK YOU for your understanding.
The Spa on Main


The Spa on Main
Pedicure ~ $60*

French Nail Polish ~ $65
Nail Polish Change ~ $20
Nail Polish Change French $25

* Add Deep Hydration Mask to this pedicure ~ $15
*men receive oil or clear coat

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Facial Experiences

The Spa on Main Facial ~ $90

Customized for your skin type (Hydrating, Anti-Aging, Sensitive, Purifying) and recommended at any age, our basic facial leaves your skin clean, perfectly balanced and radiant looking. Suitable for female or male skin.

Pure Radiance Facial ~ $145

This treatment boosts the skins regenerative process, keeps cells young longer and also effectively works to slow down the process of skin aging. Its high concentration of Pure Vitamin C, enhances natural defenses by neutralizing free radicals to prevent skin cell damage and premature aging. Restore your complexion’s vibrant, youthful appearance.

RE Lifting and Firming Facial ~ $150

This treatment is rich in peptides, which strengthens the network of collagen & elastin fibers in the cells of the dermal layer of the skin, providing an instantly noticeable and lasting firming effect. Effective not only on lines and wrinkles, but all aspects of skin aging.

De-Ox C Evolution Facial ~ $145

This revitalizing treatment restores skin’s natural beauty by utilizing the most advanced forms of Vitamin C to provide immediate brightening of the skin, global protection against exogenous free radicals and an antiaging shield to preserve skin firmness.

Skin Brightening / Whitening Facial ~ $145

This facial is for those experiencing sun damage and pigmentation. This treatment resurfaces and inhibits the formations of dark spots and brings back radiance and firmness, while reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Alex Herbal B-Peel ~ $145

Get beautiful glowing skin instantly. Designed to actively resurface and retexture the skin with no downtime. A great pick-me-up for dull, dehydrated or clogged skins, this mini herbal peel will leave the skin looking youthful and glowing. It consists of a compound of dried, handpicked herbs with scientifically proven actions. No synthetic acids or abrasives are added to the formulation.

Teen Facial ~ $75

This deep-pore cleansing facial includes peeling, elimination of blackheads and purifying mask to leave adolescent skin clean, balanced and protected.

Anti-Aging Retinol Facial ~ $150

Comprised of a stabilized, liposomally encapsulated Retinol Trio, which provides a complete anti-wrinkle effect around the clock, this treatment is brightening, works to reduce wrinkles, tighten the skin, while strengthening its natural contours and smoothing the texture of the skin.

Lifting Code Specialty Facial ~ $140

For concrete and reliable results. A Selection of natural formulas that combine for an effective tightening and filling effect with a cosmetic elasticity and firming action effect, to enhance facial features and restore them to their original beauty. Suitable for all skin types.

AHA Peel Facial ~ $110

This deep exfoliating treatment combines both glycolic and lactic acids to minimize the appearance of surface lines, smooth out skin texture, aid in clearing acne, and help fade hyperpigmentation. It results in fresher, glowing skin.

DermaLase IPL Photo-Rejuvenation Facial ~ $250

DermaLase IPL Photo-Rejuvenation is an innovative technology providing an effective and safe treatment for telangiectasias, broken capillaries and benign brown pigmentation from sun damage or photo-aging.

What is a DermaLase IPL Photo Facial?

DermaLase IPL SkinTyte ~ $250

DermaLase IPL SkinTyte, is a Skin Tightening procedure which treats large areas, stimulating new collagen growth for firmer looking skin.

What is a DermaLase IPL SkinTyte?

Microdermabrasion ~ $160

With Lumixyl $165

Experience SilkPeel™ Dermalinfusion™, the only procedure that provides exfoliation and simultaneous infusion of solutions, allowing you to achieve optimum results on an accelerated basis. No crystals or other abrasive particles to irritate your skin.

Read more about SilkPeel™ Dermalinfusion™
Specialty Additions to
Enhance Your Facial Experience

Luxury Anti-Wrinkle Lip and
Eye Treatment ~ $35

Exquisite formulations combined with tahition black pearl with a triple action effect visibly diminish fine lines and wrinkles, while reducing the look of puffiness and dark circles.

Casmara Moulding Masks ~ $30
Gentle water based gel mask suitable for any skin situation.

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Body Treatments

Micro-Buff Sea Salt Polish ~ $65

A blend of Dead Sea Salts and mineral salts combine to gently exfoliate the body.

Alex Intense Body Shape Treatment ~ $95

This firming, cellulite treatment targets problem areas by triggering the body’s own mechanism for processing excess fat. This stimulating treatment warms the body, increasing circulation and eliminating unwanted toxins in stubborn areas, while toning, firming and smoothing the skin.
Any two of the following body areas may be targeted during a treatment: Thighs, Lower abdomen, Upper abdomen, Upper arms, Buttocks, Lower back, Upper back.

Detoxifying Seaweed Body Wrap ~ $105

A heated seaweed wrap is prepared with essential oils that aid in elimination of water retention and toxins. Your treatment is complete with a relaxation application of a luxurious emollient.

Black Baltic Mud Wrap ~ $105

Unique black mud, utilizing rare European Black Fresh Water Silts, improves skin texture and extracts pore-clogging impurities that damage and weaken skin. This treatment enhances cell turnover while deeply hydrating skin, promotes cell oxygenation and assists in removing debris and impurities.

European Rose Mud Wrap ~ $105

To nourish, hydrate and soften the skin. Rose clay, infused with powerful source derivatives accelerate epidermal cell renewal, heals, protects, ensures renewed hydration and stimulates the skin’s self-protecting mechanism against UVA induced oxidative stress. The ultimate for skin refining and extreme hydration.

Ocean Force Detoxifying Full Body Treatment ~ $120

Using extracts of Oceanic and North Sea algae, this slimming mud wrap treatment improves capillary circulation (resulting in reduction in fluid retention and cellulite), stimulates lipid metabolism and fat elimination resulting in a reduction in fatty deposits, and remineralizes the tissues for a firmer and more supple skin.


Swedish Massage ~
$40 or $80

Swedish massage has long been known for its therapeutic properties on tense muscles. Techniques are used to stimulate circulation and release tension from the body.

Hot Stone Massage ~ $130

A unique massage treatment utilizing oils massaged into your skin using hot mineral stones. The ancient healing art of stone massage is widely used as an alternative therapy. This wonderful treatment will release the tension from your body and soul.

Hair Removal


For best results please allow two weeks of growth on legs, underarms and bikini area prior to waxing.

Full Face ~ $50+
Eyebrow ~ $17
Lip, Chin or Upper Cheek ~ $11
Stomach ~ $20+
Underarms ~ $22.50
Lower Arm ~ $25
Full Arm ~ $37
Bikini Line ~ $27+
French Bikini ~ $33
Brazilian ~ $60+
Half Leg ~ $37
Half Leg & Bikini ~ $55+
Full Leg ~ $65
Full Leg & Bikini ~ $75+
Men’s Back ~ $55+
Men’s Chest ~ $55

DermaLase IPL Permanent Hair Reduction

IPL hair reduction is safe, comfortable, and effective. This advanced technology is designed to remove unwanted hair and can treat all skin types. Please contact us to schedule a consultation.

Read more about DermaLase IPL
Permanent Hair Reduction

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Makeup & Tinting


The Spa on Main’s makeup artists will teach you the tricks of the trade!

Full Application ~ $55
Consultation & Lesson ~ $75


We make you look your best for any occasion.

Eyelash ~ $27
Eyebrow ~ $18
Combined ~ $40